The writing “crazy” train- the great deletion

On Tuesday morning, I managed to over-write my whole book. Yes, I erased all 261 pages. I called in the most amazing computer miracle-worker around, Nick. He tried everything, including removing my hard drive and looking for it with his own computer. No such luck.
It took me a long couple of hours to remember that back in January, I had backed up my book onto a jump drive when I finished it. So for the past four months of work, editing, all I had was a printed copy of 115 pages that I had written all over. Trying to come to terms with my loss, I told Nick I had the papers and I would at least be able to re-enter it all. He got that cheeky little tech-grin and proudly announced to me that I could scan it in as a PDF and turn it into a word doc. It worked—all but 30 pages anyway. I have a couple days of fussy work to make the pages blend again, but I’ll take that over lost any day.

I was so warmed by my kids’ reaction. Lizzy kept rubbing my back and Sam came and asked if I was going to be all right. I answered, “Yes, I’ll be fine. It’s taking me a little bit to wrap my head around what needs to be done, but I’ll be fine.” He answered, “Good, because it hurts me to see you sad.” (OK, I admit that was one of only two times I cried.)
With my head full of “book issues” I didn’t do well in the common sense department all day. Oh…and the creek may look really low with all this sunshine, but it is still deeper than my boots.






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