Writing and Reading-Storyboard.

I hid away last weekend and wrote, wrote, wrote. Once I actually sit down and get to it, it feels like an indulgence.
One of the things I learned at the writer’s conference was how to create a storyboard.
You use it to hold on to characters as you continue to write a LOOOOOONG manuscript. It makes it easier to remember eye color, personality and such. I find it very helpful, but it also makes me feel a little bit vulnerable. I still feel like I should keep my pretend world in my head. Then someone like Debbie (who has read my book) comes upstairs and says, “Hey, is the next one going to have Jeff in it? Is this him?” and I feel like holding my finger up and saying “Shhhhh someone might hear you.”

Here is my board at the beginning and end of book #2.

102_1296 WP_20140604_002


Dad I can see it’s close to the heater, but I tested it. Safe as long as no papers hang over the edge.

I am really enjoying this book I got at our family beach trip at a second-hand store.


Also reading these two.

102_1294 102_1293


Both Mesu Andrews and Liz Curtis Higgs, I met and talked with at the conference. It’s kind of fun to see what comes out of their heads and hearts.
I also just finished “A Wrinkle in Time” and I’m working on “Mere Christianity”.
The power of story is amazing.
One of the things they said at the conference was that the best writers are avid readers. Thank you Lord for making me one of those-or maybe I should thank my five kiddos. When they were little, books became my escape/reward.
I know it sounds like a lot, but I learned from my mother to appreciate having three to five books going at once. (but sometimes she cheats and reads the last page first.)


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