Contracts and 1860s dirt.

A week after sending in my proposal, I signed my first contract. Yay! The contract is with the agency that will represent me to the publishing houses. This is exciting, fun, and kind of strange. I mean, how weird is it to have something come out of your imagination and become tangible enough that you need a contract?
Mostly it has been very freeing.
Since sending in my paperwork I haven’t had anything to edit.

(Did you hear that Hallelujah chorus after I said NO EDITING…ohhh there it went again.)

So I’ve been free to work and write book two. My favorite part is finding different ways to get a grasp on the history of the times I write about, 1850’s-1880’s.
So, I’ve watched Lincoln, Les Miserable (the singing version) and PBS’s rendition of Dickens’ Great Expectations. Lincoln is set in 1865. Les Miserable and Great Expectations were both written during my favorite time period. They were written in England, but circulated in America too.
Watching them causes ideas to flourish, flourish, flourish, but they also give me a great big case of gratitude for the times in which we live. I can’t imagine living in the cold, dirty, candlelight only, with no flushing toilets, pumping your water from a well, bake-your-own bread day and age.
That’s not mentioning the odors that must have prevailed, no cars, washing machines or dishwashers. (

Oh yeah, I watched a documentary on the history of washing machines too. Interesting stuff, haha!

After immersing myself in their times I feel the magnitude of wealth that surrounds me every day—even in the simple things.

Can you say make-up and good dental hygiene?

Thank you Lord for choosing my days…both time and place. It makes me want to love You even more.


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