Crazy School Story


This old house and school are now a private residence. I had to brave up and knock on a stranger’s door to take these photos because the school is on the back of their property.


In the country, where houses are few and far between, people have security systems named Smith and Wesson.

When I knocked on the front door at three in the afternoon a lady came down from upstairs. The creaking floorboards told me she was coming long before I could see her. While I waited, I stepped back from the front door, but stayed on the porch holding my camera so she would have room to open the screen door.

I asked to take the pictures at the same time she opened the door. Before I finished my question she stepped really close to me and  was in my face and personal space–less than four inches from my face with a very intense, using-addictive-stimulants, look in her eye. She gave me a gravelly voiced answer of yes.

I backed off the porch so fast I almost fell and I had to ask again to be sure. She was gracious and kind enough, but oh my!

Lord, please find her and be the help and comfort she needs.


This is an old blacksmith shop and an old livery too, but I was still startled from my greeting. I was having a hard time not picturing myself as a topic of a future Criminal Minds TV show.


I skedaddled out of there before I took the livery picture. I am now making plans to take a kid or two along the next time I knock on a strangers door.

This old schoolhouse is in Mulino, Oregon. I tried to find history on it, but was unsuccessful. (If you know anything about it, please leave info in the comments.)


2 thoughts on “Crazy School Story

  1. I love old buildings. It makes me sad to see these so neglected. I’m sure they have great stories to share and deserve to be loved.

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