An Artist and His Studio

A couple weeks back, I heard of another century barn and took Lizzy to see if the owners would let me snap a picture of it. It’s hard to find these old barns and houses in good repair in our area. All our heavy rain causes them to melt.IMG_1745.1
We drove down a long, winding driveway and found this lovely place tucked into the hillside. It was sprinkling when I left home and a minor-monsoon by the time I was climbing out of my car in their driveway.
That’s when I met one of the gracious owners. Mr. Jim Spillmann, IMG_1757.1

after humoring me by listening to my rambling account of why I was there, he invited me in out of the rain to see his studio. Turns out, he’s a retired architect, (Who designed and built his home)IMG_1748 IMG_1747

and he is a sculptor,


and he is a painter,

IMG_1753 as well as well as a published photographer and poet.

He took me inside his self-designed home to meet his wife, who just happens to be a published illustrator of children’s books. IMG_1751
They sat with me and Lizzy at their kitchen table and asked all about my book endeavors. I left so encouraged. It was like they were cheering, “Go, go, go. You can do it.”

The couple met at an art college, married, and moved to Oregon in 1959. They are still living life to the full and continuing to dream.
I enjoyed sharing the concept of Youtube and Etsy with them. I hope I’m as willing as they are to learn when I am in my 80s.



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