The 1885 Farm House

When I stopped to take a picture of this old house built 1885, they were having an estate sale. I went inside and asked if they would let me take pictures and they were kind enough to say yes. The inside of the place was kept in period. The elderly owner’s were down-sizing and selling all their antique treasures.IMG_1503

It was like walking through a chaotic, unorganized museum with price tags.

IMG_1506 IMG_1512

One thing that impresses me about this old home is how big it was. I always think of the buildings built between 1850-1885 as being small shanties, shacks, and cabins, like The Little House on the Prairie type. But they aren’t. They’re big. This house had nine or ten foot high ceilings with big bedrooms and large windows.

IMG_1504 IMG_1514

I loved this floor-to-ceiling bookcase.


Walking through this old home was like tearing a page from a history book and stepping back in time. There were so many things in one location, well preserved, from so long ago—living research.

Insert contented sigh!

So Cool. I wish I could see it again.


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