Carol and the Map

My lovely friend Carol, who has successfully completed the Pacific Crest Trail, helped me by drawing a resource map.


She drew a map!

I was having a dickens of a time placing my current book setting with local towns, Lolo Pass Trail, and Barlow Pass which are at the tail end of the Oregon Trail.

Don’t give me no North, South, East, and West or I’m lost.

I sat next to her and her husband Wayne at a couple’s game night and asked if she knew about the passes with her experience on the Pacific Crest Trail. After her and her husband spent several minutes finding out how truly broken my mental compass is she went home and made me this:


And it is perfect!

Most of the maps online are too general or focused on different things. This helpful key found its way onto my office wall where it will be a well used treasure.

And even better, she is going to take me snowshoeing and backpacking on different parts of the trails that the characters in my books would have walked.

Love it, Carol!

Thank you so much.


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