Babies. Babies everywhere!

Babies. Babies everywhere!


The last baby shower I went to was for my friend Nicole.
There were so many expecting mothers and babies under one year you could have filmed a Pampers commercial. The conversation buzzed with motherhood, nurturing, and caring, yet their season of life, with young tots, seemed so long ago.


I felt like a satellite roaming the perimeter of an experience that will never be mine again. As I listened to the talk about diaper rash, big-pregnant sleepless nights, fussy, gassy babies and a million other things my ovaries were rocking to an I’m-over-the-pregnancy-hill-and-glad-for-it tune.

All the beautiful mothers were looking at their babies seeing the hope and promise of a bright future. I was thinking, you’re at the very beginning and there is sooo much work ahead.

I love the season I’m in.

Did you hear that?

I love the season I’m in!


I was glad for the reminder of that sweet season of my life, but I’m content. No going backwards for this mama.

However, I confess, I scooped up one of the twins and sniffed his freshly washed, Johnson & Johnson baby washed head, until I was dizzy.

My oldest son’s size 14 lunky foot alongside the guest of honor, Finley’s, brand new tootsies.




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