Running the Pile

“On your mark, get set, Go!”
When I was a kid, my parents logged and replanted eighteen acres. When the logging crew was done, they used their heavy equipment to shovel all the stumps and debris into large slash piles to be burned in the fall.


Every stump and log they couldn’t use was heaped into a catawampus pile. When summer came, the small mountains sat drying in the field. And then along comes the three neighbor boys, my two brothers and I. We made up a game. We’d start at one end of the pile and race—up and over.

Sound easy? It was not.

As we ran, we had to make snap decisions on which places to plant our feet. One of the tricks we came up with was to KEEP GOING. If you stepped on a weak or wobbly root while you were still moving forward, often times you could get your next step onto safe footing before the first gave way.

I remember one of the neighbor boys missed his step and slipped into a hole. He was wedged tight to his chest. We didn’t leave him there long. The others and I grabbed what we could reach of him and tugged him out.

Maintaining confidence as a writer feels like running that pile. Things are moving along at a steady clip, every step is unknown and new, and there are many opportunities to get caught, snagged, or worse sink. One day you’re moving along fine and the next you’re sucked into a discouraging hole you didn’t see coming.

I’m thankful for friends, family, blog posts, and good quotes that come across my path at just the right time. I’m grateful for when they grab hold and yank me back on the path—sometimes not even realizing they’ve helped. They make it easier to KEEP GOING.

Ecclesiastes 4:10 NLT
If one falls, the other pulls him up; but if a man falls when he is alone, he’s in trouble.

Keep going. Try again. Put one foot in front of the other toward the thing that God has called you to. If you’re stuck, I pray for the right person with the right words to grab a hold of you and pull you free.



4 thoughts on “Running the Pile

  1. I did string a pile of tumble weeds across a road one time, I wanted to see what would happen when someone ran over them. I can tell you what happens, people get mad and chase after you, yikes.

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