Deb to be published


Deb sent an article to Encounter a Christian teen devotional magazine and was accepted. Her article will be in print next spring.

This was her second attempt. Her first, for a different magazine, was rejected but even that was exciting. You can’t get the prize if you don’t play the game.

My favorite part was watching her check her email inbox every afternoon. She said, “When I saw the email I held my breath for a minute before I opened it.” Her eyes were filled with watery delight when she came and told me. And then I got to watch while she called her English teacher.

Joy and Rewards.

And yes that means she is being published before me. A fact she is adorably proud of. But what she doesn’t know is her reward is mine too.

I love it when my kids share an interest with me. I love it even more when they accomplish their dreams and goals.

Do you have a shared interest with your kids? If you do what is it?


7 thoughts on “Deb to be published

  1. Congrats, Deb! I love it when we get to publish first-time authors in ENCOUNTER. I can’t wait for you to see your article in print!

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