A Worthy Pursuit By Karen Witemeyer


I participated in my first book launch team. Karen Witemeyer graciously included me in her pre-release group. Bethany house sent me a copy of her new book A Worthy Pursuit. All I have to do is give it a review—whether I like the book or not.

An easy win when you already know you like the author’s style.

A Worthy Pursuit is not only my kind of story it’s the kind of book I wish to write—a clever historical Christian Romance set in the late 1800s. Her book is comfortable and friendly with a few unexpected twists and turns to keep it from being predictable.

Karen’s ability to create true, tender romance without it being too much is a gift. And anytime you have a starchy teacher and a rugged cowboy, things are bound to be good.
One of my new joys lately is to try and figure out the personality of the author behind the book. Whether it is the Hunger Games, Divergent or A Worthy Pursuit, finding author interviews is the easiest way to find out.

I came across a lady named Charity who gives spunky interviews on her blog ATransParentMom. Here is her “Face-off” with Karen Witemeyer.
And here is a second interview with Karen that I also enjoyed on The Engrafted Word blog by Savanna Kaiser.

Thank you, Bethany House, for the honor of helping A Worthy Pursuit kick-off. I could really get used to receiving mail from you.

Smile, smile.


2 thoughts on “A Worthy Pursuit By Karen Witemeyer

  1. Great review, Cara! This book sounds good. I’m a big fan of Karen’s as well. 🙂 I’m adding this one to my list. And hey, thanks for sharing my interview. I agree, it’s important – and fun – to get to know the authors behind great stories.

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