Compulsive Scare Disorder- I did it again!

It happened again! I spent two weekends helping run girls’ basketball tournaments. That’s 32 teams worth of concessions and dinners. One evening I left the main kitchen and gym facility and went to another kitchen to cook burger for burritos. My daughter was helping me. As the meat cooked and we were inside the kitchen chatting away with the roll-up concession door closed, we heard a team of girls come in and sit and relax in the cafeteria tables right outside the kitchen.

After listening to them talk for a bit it felt strange not to let them know we were there. I said as much to Deb quickly followed by, “I should scare them.” Deb knows me well and gave her impetuous permission to the plan. We both turned to the metal concession door and raised our hands. I mouthed 1, 2, 3. Then we banged on the metal door.

A dozen girls started screaming. Each scream set off another.

It was awesome. We got a whole team all at once.

Deb and I threw open the door in time to see the pandemonium we created. When the team finally quit screaming, laughing and peeing—just a little—one girl asked me, “Are you Russell’s sister?”
“I am. How did you know that?”
“Well you kinda look alike and he likes to scare people too.”

Joy, joy. We’ve been outed. Yes! My compulsion to scare is a family trait shared by all except mom. We learned at a young age NOT to scare her. And you only took on Erik, my older brother, when you were crouched down low.

He has a mean right hook when frightened.

Turns out the evening before, Russell was standing talking to Mike, the man in charge of the basketball brackets, when he heard the girls coming around a blind corner.
Russell said to Mike, “Just a minute.” He waited for the team to get closer. Then he gave a bellow that set off a similar chain reaction. And poor Mike behind him may have given his own startled groan.

I can’t even write this without chuckling. This was almost as good as the time I scared Sarah, Laurie, Laura, and Jay—almost.

Here is a picture of my family.

family pics 155

But these are a better depiction of what things are normally like.

family pics 138 family pics 274 family pics 275


7 thoughts on “Compulsive Scare Disorder- I did it again!

  1. Yay, you got pee! I’m ashamed to admit that once I jump-out-and-booed a girl and made her cry. You would have loved it 😉

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