Cool or Yuck?

Have you ever heard of hair art?

When I traveled with my kids to Baker City for the 1A State Basketball playoffs, I called ahead and was given a special tour of the Leo Adler House. The sweetest lady led Liz and me throughout the great-old house that was built in 1875.Adler house Baker

Leo Adler, a door-to-door magazine subscription salesmen, died a bachelor without any children and left the town 22 million dollars and his house.


Ehhemmm! Cough. Yes, 22 million you heard me right. And that tidy little sum is much larger now.

But he isn’t what I’m blogging about.

This little dish is what makes my eyebrows raise.
Do you know what it’s used for?


…To collect hair.

Women would gather the hair that naturally shed or brushed out and they would twirl it around the tip of their index finger and place it in this little jar to be used for crafts.

This kind of hand-craft called hair art.

Hair Art number three

They would make this to give as gifts for engagements, weddings, births, or bereavements—to remember any kind of special occasion.

Hair art number two

It’s elaborate almost like lacework, but I just can’t get past it. EEEEeeeewww! Shudder. It’s hair.

I guess they get the “Most Impressive” award for upcycling hair.

I think the only thing heart-warming about hair art is remembering my Great Grandmother’s habit of twirling a loose hair or thread around her finger in just such a way. Now I know why.

What is your vote?


3 thoughts on “Cool or Yuck?

  1. Hrm, WordPress ate my comment, I think… if you get two versions of this, oops–sorry!

    I say Cool! Hair is beautiful, after all…. I usually wear my hair long, which means a long time between haircuts, but times when I’ve gotten it all chopped off, I’ve thought all that hair on the floor to be swept away and thrown out seemed like a waste! And I’ve donated hair a few times when I was getting enough cut for it to be useful. Maybe I should start looking for one of those little pots at the antique shop, eh? 😀

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