Just a plain-old fun story: The Frog

My grandpa would sit around the campfire and say, “I’ve got another one for ya. And this one’s true.”

And it starts with, my brother, Russell.

Way back in 2007, Russ and his family came to my house to celebrate someone’s birthday.

He came right from work. In the back of his job site there was an old, in-ground swimming pool that was slated to be filled. Before he came to the party he caught one of the big bullfrogs that were living there.

Russ always catches things.


He put it in a 5-gallon bucket so the kids could see it at the party. When he got to our house, he called all the adults and kids over to the doorway so we could see his prize and, of course, take pictures. We all were watching when that sleepy-old frog looked back over his shoulder, lifted his leg, and gave him the super-soaker treatment.


I saw him aim!

See that? Pure story. Nothing more, nothing less—my favorite kind of blog.


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