Little Alma and the Cow

My running partner and friend, Alma, was born and raised in Mexico.


Her family served as missionaries to their own country. She grew up living an authentic, pioneer life. They did everything from making their own cheese, to performing their own triage in emergencies. Even now when we run, she points out the plants around us and tells me their purposes.

Alma is a tiny woman. Her family’s nickname for her is parajita which means little bird—like the skinny-legged killdeer.

One day when she was about nine, she was walking home from school and saw the neighbor’s baby calf outside the fence and eating grass in the ditch. She was concerned for his safety because she couldn’t see the place where the cow had escaped from. She planned to walk the cow to the owner’s yard or at least herd it off the road.

She worked her way close to the calf, trying not to spook him. When she was an arms length away she grabbed him around the neck.

In a blink, all she had a hold of was the calf’s back legs. Before she could let go, he bolted back through the fence with her dangling from his heels. She was left lying on her belly in the dirt thirty-feet from where she’d started.

Not THE cow. But we did see this mama on one of our runs.

Not THE cow. But we did see this mama on one of our runs.

Sometimes life throws us the unexpected and before you know it all we can do is hold on tight. At times you may even find yourself face down in life’s dirt.


We are never alone. Jesus, our Friend, is always along for the ride. And knowing He is there is enough to help us stand up, dust the dirt off, and keep walking.

Isaiah 54:10 (TLB)
10 For the mountains may depart and the hills disappear, but my kindness shall not leave you. My promise of peace for you will never be broken, says the Lord who has mercy upon you.


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