A Positive Peek-Not By Sight by Katie Breslin

A Positive Peek- Book Review for Not By Sight by Katie Breslin

I was really excited to see how Katie Breslin’s second book turned out. Her first novel was a 20 year publication journey with lots of rejections along the way, but this one she pitched as a proposal and was accepted before she wrote any of it. I can’t decide which seems more challenging.

Katie was one of the first contracted authors that I met at the 2013 Oregon Christian Writer’s conference. She was there to meet her editor in person for the first time.

Katie has a timeless elegance about her that makes you feel restful and easy. Her books are the same, which is saying something since she writes WWI Historical Romance.

Not by Sight has an Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina mixed with Beauty and the Beast sense about it. I love how Katie threaded so many strings together to make her story complex, but not a bother.

Here is Katie Breslin and I in Missouri at the ACFW. She is wearing a houndstooth jacket in character for her first book For Such a Time.

AFCW 020

And here is what I did when I received my early-reader copy of Not By Sight.


-Thanks Bethany House.


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