Her Little Black Book

On one of my research adventures I came across this little book filled with delicate handwriting.
Fancy, thin‐scripted cursive always stops me in my tracks.

Wish I had this handwriting.

Her is the lady to whom the book belongs.

Senior pictures…


And her Glamour shots?


But this handwriting sample was doubly charming because it was in something called a Chap Book. I’d never seen one before. A Chap Book is a book that a lady would use to keep track of the men that she met. She would use it to describe where she met him, what he looked like, and her first impressions. Like this:



I just love the words she used to describe the fellows, particularly their eyes.

“…tell me more about my eyes.”

And for writing purposes I was glad to see the word “OK” used in 1897. Sometimes a character just needs to say OK, okay.

Have you ever come across a Chap Book before? Do you have letters or books with that old, delicate-cursive in them? Please, do share.


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