Periscope Rolodex


Peiscope is new and growing fast. Even the groups I’ve joined have doubled and trebled in the last few weeks. And yet somehow I keep watching the same Scopers over and over. Not because I’m partial, but because I’m still trying to find you.

Don’t you wish there was a way to search by subject?

Well here is my attempt at a temporary solution until Periscope figures out how to handle that issue.

I’d love it if you would put your information in a comment on this post. But don’t just put your Periscope handle, go ahead and put down your name, Website, Blog, Twitter, Instagram, AND, your usual content description. And if you are organized enough to have a set time or a permanent replay location please put that too.

And if you are clever enough to drop it in as a link, more power to you.

Ohhh, and put your location in your comment too. Time-zones have never meant so much to me.

However, if you are selling something, that’s great, just don’t sell it here. Think of it as a social Rolodex. If you’re too young to know what a rolodex is… It was a hamster-wheel style desktop container for business cards.

If your Scope topic changes down the road, no worries, just come back and update us by replying to your own comment.

And if you have no content topic put that! I love random. Random works.
If you share this link to groups other than the ones you found it on please know that this is a PG rated environment that majors on encouragement and kindness.
So your comment should look something like this:

Cara Grandle

Instagram: caragrandle

I am an aspiring author of Christian Fiction Romance, mother of five, and wife of 20 years. I like to Scope encouragements for writers and dream chasers. If you’re the creative sort that has to take the risk of putting your heart out there for others to see than my information will help you. I like to include practical tips that have helped me stay on track with my goals.

I scope from Oregon which means I catch a lot of East Coast replays.


7 thoughts on “Periscope Rolodex

  1. Olivia Cagle
    Twiiter: FiTabulousMoms
    Instagram: FiTabulousMoms
    Periscope: FiTabulousMoms

    I am a prenatal/postnatal corrective exercise specialist who help moms find their purpose & identity as well as get fit and healthy from the inside out. My passion is to see women set free from bondages that have kept them from finding their true identity and purpose that God Created them to walk in. That bondage can be physical or emotional.

    Love that you’re doing this 🙂

  2. Twitter hailey01
    Instagram herhailey
    Wordpress halosrest
    Still working on wordpress though.
    Periscope @hailey01

    I’m a mom to 4 wonderful girls. Trying to make writing a higher priority in my life because I enjoy it. I also cook and love food, Sewing/quilting, crochet, and paper mache. I love being mom and it’s challenges that I’m learning my way through as the years go by. All of my content relates to those things in my life.

  3. Hailey Woerner
    I have no Twitter(yet)
    I have no Instagram(yet)
    And I have no Periscope.

    I’m a 15-year old author of YA Fantasy, and daughter to my wonderful father and my blogging/writing mom. I just recently realized how much I loved writing,(about three years to be exact) and have since started a wedsite, published a book, and contribute to a homeshcooling blog. I love drawing and designing, and also singing, painting, and making people laugh.
    I love being able to show my love of God through my writing, and even though I don’t know yet who God wants me to be, I know that he will show me the way.
    All my content relates to books, writing, and art–and I provide educational and entertaining reads on my site/facebook page.

    I live in the pioneer state of VA, where I’ve enjoyed making true friends and long-lasting relationships.

  4. Raychel Rose
    Periscope: @roseofraychel (I just made this a minute ago!)
    NaNoWriMo: /roseofrachel (with my old name)
    Also I’m on Youtube and Goodreads under Raychel Rose (though they don’t have usernames)

    I am a New Adult and Young adult fiction author. My current short story, The Sea of Ghosts, is published with Misch Masch Press in the anthology Psychopomps. Besides writing I love to blog and teach others about writing.

    I currently live in Iowa. And I don’t really know when I’ll be live broadcasting on Periscope, because I’m new to this and the house is normally full all the time, so I’m not sure when I’ll get any quiet time to do it.

  5. Kattarin Kirk
    Facebook: Kattarin Kirk

    I love to write and am currently working on a young adult/new adult dystopian series. I grew up in the Northwest and love living in Western Oregon. I’m the youngest of five kids, have a huge and wonderful extended family. In addition to writing and work I manage to stay busy with friends, church, traveling and occasionally getting to go on missions trips.

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